Friday, September 26, 2014

Goodnight - Lara Liang (Lyrics)

เพลง Goodnight
ศิลปิน Liáng Xīn Yí (梁心) Lara Liang
อัลบั้ม Zì Yóu Líng Hún (自由灵魂) Free Spirit
สังกัด JVR Music International
ภาษา จีนกลาง



These walls ache so silently

In the dance of endless night

While I'm playing make-believe

You and I are still entwined

OH but all I have are dreams

Only meant for me

Hard to try and get to sleep

Sometimes I miss kissing you goodnight

Your eyes bright as crystal moons

Lit the velvet skies above

I said goodnight to you

Once upon a time in love

OH but I had other dreams

Only meant for me

So I went to set you free

Sometimes I miss kissing you goodnight


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