Saturday, June 7, 2014

Never Forget You - Angela Chang (Lyrics)

เพลง Never Forget You
ศิลปิน Zhāng Sháo Hán (张韶涵) Angela Chang
อัลบั้ม Zhāng Sháo Hán (张韶涵) ANGELA
สังกัด Decca Records Taiwan
ภาษา จีนกลาง



You're gone

I can't believe it  I can't believe it

You're everything to me

I still feel you  I still feel you

After all this time even if I had forever

*I’ll never get over you

**'Cause I still feel you by my side

And after all we've been through

Still I never could say goodbye

I've tried a thousand times

But I can't walk away

I'll never let go

I'll never forget you

It's so hard to breathe

It's hard to breathe

Remember when the way it felt

When you held me  When you held me

After all this time everyday just takes forever

Repeat *, **

Every moment you're gone

Feels like a million years

The memories won't fade away no

I'm missing everything about you

I can't escape this feeling

My love won't change

Repeat **, **

You're gone

I can't believe it  I can't believe it

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