Saturday, August 4, 2012

Baby Tonight - Wilber Pan (Lyrics)

เพลง Baby Tonight
ศิลปิน Pān Wěi Bó (玮柏) Wilber Pan
อัลบั้ม 24Gè Bǐ Lì (24个比利) The story of BILLY
สังกัด Universal Music Taiwan
ภาษา จีนกลาง



You packed up all your clothes said you want to be alone

Left the keys at the door I guess you wanna leave tonight

Looking at the picture frame that had both of us inside

and all the things I did for you I guess I never made things right

But I can't just let you go (Woo)

*So baby tonight tonight

I just wanna be with you girl

Baby tonight tonight

I don't wanna be alone

Baby tonight tonight

Everything will be alright

So baby tonight (Yai Yai)

I don't wanna let you go

You said I never understood you girl

Never knew what's on your mind

I hope you have a change of heart

We should never be apart, baby

Don't want nobody loving you holding you tightly in his arms

I'll try to be an understanding man so baby please come back to me

Cause I can't just let you go
by loveserieslikesongs

ซ้ำ *

Ma ybe another place or time we'll give our love another try

But I don't wanna say goodbye baby girl you know you're all my life

I'll wipe the tears from your eyes

Don't be afraid to say cause you're the best thing in my life I'll ever find (Yai)

ซ้ำ *

NO NO NO NO NO  baby tonight (Yai Yai)

Hoo OH Woo Woo OH  baby tonight (Yai)

Hoo OH Woo Woo OH baby tonight (Yai Yai Yai)

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